Gold Threads: The Gilded Age of Fashion

Well I’ve been slightly obsessed with a few things in fashion lately, and whenever two of my favorite things join forces, it makes them irresistible for me to ignore. This season, I’ve been pining for gold. Tons of 24-karat gold metallic in bold jewelry, and in fashion’s textiles themselves. Combine my fixation with gilded materials with the unique vision of one of my favorite couturiers, Ronald van der Kemp, and we have a clear winner!

Just look at the arresting silhouette of this hand-appliquéd morphing coat, in gold lamé, velvet and brocade with embellishments! I love the exaggerated shoulders and the dramatic standing collar.

And if you think it cuts a cool profile from the front, just check out this magnificent beast from behind! This thing is utterly breathtaking! The workmanship? Stunning. It’s hard to believe that something so beautiful was also sustainably made! You see, Ronald assures me that the entire garment was produced with leftover fabrics and salvaged fabric scraps — it’s all part of his push for sustainable couture, and developing a new ethics in luxury fashion. I like to call it responsible hedonism! Ronald also assured me that assembling this collage of a coat was, in his own words, “a hell of a job.”

Kudos, Ronald. You remain……my hero.

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