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There are many websites devoted to fabulous stationery, but the best I’ve managed to ferret out is aptly named, simply, Fabulous Stationery. I adore their notes. They’re quite noteworthy.

With costume parties pending and the holidays right around the corner, Fabulous Stationery is a great resource for all your correspondence needs. Whether you are searching for unusual Halloween party invitations, wedding or birth announcements, Christmas and Hanukkah cards, or simply fun stationery to gift on Mother’s Day, Fabulous Stationery is a must. With a generous 6.25″ x 4.5″ size for all your written sentiments, and printed on the best glossy cardstock, you will most definitely want to stock up!

Have a look at these beauties. Each can be customized to your specifications.


I love this sophisticated visual pun, perfect for any pair. Makes a great dinner invite or a gracious thank-you note from you and your significant other.


This invitation is ideal for any family gathering. Make it memorable.


Brilliant colors and a bold, graphic design guarantee this little holiday mouse will not be ignored.


This is just one of many unique wedding invitations from Fabulous Stationery. You will be the coolest bride on the block, and that’s a promise.


Twins? This is just the card for them, and you.


Give thanks, elegantly.

With Fabulous Stationery, you can send the most memorable love letters and stylish invitations. At a friendly price point, the designs, by artist and owner Trish Demasi, are both countless and clever.

“My inspiration comes from so many things,” Trish said, “and if I can’t find what I want, I just design it myself.”

With a long career in graphic design and fine art, Trish has a passion for drawing, painting, fashion and home design. Her talent for taking retro designs and reinterpreting them in a clean, modern way is nothing short of brilliant.

I love the way you can customize the cards with your own sentiment or even a photo, like the ones pictured here.


Puppy love…Need I say more?


Kids love Fabulous Stationery…it inspires them to write!


Send along kisses and hugs with a cherubic photo backdrops that’s bound to elicit a smile. Or maybe a chuckle.

You can create unforgettable note cards featuring photos of your family, friends, pets–anyone near and dear to you. They are great for baby announcements, party invites, thank you cards and more. Simply upload your photo, personalize the message on the front (and inside too, if you like), and preview your card. It’s a no-brainer.

Art Meets Innovation

There are more than a thousand designs and unending possibilities for customization, but wait until you see the genius patent-pending return address window, designed by Trish’s business partner Jay Arnold.

As an avid art collector and founder of an innovative ad agency, Jay has made a life of applying fresh concepts to tradition.

“Every year we get a plethora of old-fashioned, gold foil, velvet-flocked holiday cards,” he said. “Out of hundreds of cards, I find maybe one or two worth keeping—but the envelopes always end up in the trash,” he added. That’s when Jay came up with an idea: print the return address on the back of the cards, with a clear cellophane window in the back flap of the envelope.




That way, “the recipient will never lose the sender’s address,” he said. “And better yet, we offer our return address option at no additional charge.” How cool is that?

While you are on the website, you owe it to yourself to check out Fabulous Stationery’s Dollar Cards, with countless cuties that only cost a buck, like the adorable raven below. Even better, the shipping for any size order is also only a dollar, and that kind of value is hard to beat.


And if you think Fabulous Stationery stops with witty, whimsical cards, think again. You can also order customized social calling cards that are sure to leave a great first impression, over and over again.


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