Presents of Greatness for Dad on Father’s Day

Hi guys, Father’s Day is June 17, so here are some indulgent Presents of Greatness at all price points for Pops, Daddy, The Old Man, Your Ball & Chain, et cetera, et cetera.

Get ready to slap your plastic, he’d love each and every one of them.

Fancy Footwork


There’s nothing pedestrian about these slippers. Loro Piana redefines warm and cozy with Luis, $575, above, a handsome open-back house shoe, or the elegant Plane Slipper, $625, below, which is great for frequent travelers. Both fashioned of the finest cashmere and equipped with an anti-slip suede bottom, either pair is ideal for your sole mate.


Dad doesn’t know what luxury is until he’s slipped into a pair of cashmere socks by Loro Piana, $165-$250, below. With proper care they will last for years. Wash in cold and air dry. They’ll only get softer with each subsequent washing. He’ll cherish them.


For the Player


Ah, the games people play. Extend elegance to the King of your Heart with these fabulous silver-edged playing cards and pumpkin leather card case from Hermes, $445. Double-deckers available, $590, for all the Bridge-lovers.


Show me the money. Let Dad manage his mulah in style with this silver Hermes money clip, $380. Perfect for cash-only transactions. Hot.


For the man who has almost everything, here’s a fashionable Hermes leather workstation for his iPad, $1,425…Sure, you could have three more iPads for what this costs, but, who needs four iPads?

Groomed for Success


Every Dad deserves soft supple lips without a greasy residue. Laura Mercier’s Lip Silk, $22, available at department stores, keeps his kisser in check with matte moisturizers. You only need a little bit, and the best part about it is, you can share with your man. A great night balm or worn under lipstick, chicks dig it too.


Ingrown hairs from shaving? Tend Skin is a cost-effective elixir that stops ingrown hairs in their evil tracks. A powerful salicylic acid concentration exfoliates the skin. Also great for girls after a Brazilian wax, ingrown hairs will be a thing of the past, so buy one for yourself. A convenient refillable rollerball makes it quick and easy to apply.


Rodan + Fields’s Unblemish Oil Control Lotion SPF 20, $28, is the perfect way to sneak a little sun protection into his daily regime. Formulated for acne-prone skin, the lightweight lotion will eliminate breakouts while it controls shine, plus it smells of lovely lavender. A must for his medicine cabinet.


Every man should smell this good. I love the sweet yet masculine fragrance of Tam Dao by Diptyque. Named after a region in Vietnam, this exotic woody fragrance smells so great I like to spray some on myself when he’s not looking. Travel-sized vials, below, for the Wanderlust bring convenience and portability to the art of smelling amazing.


Super Matte AntiShine does what it says it will do, and fast. How does this stuff work? I don’t know and I don’t care. But it really, really works. Available at Alcone.


Manicures aren’t just for girls. A well-groomed hand will suit your man, especially if you add a paraffin dip to the experience. He just may schedule regular follow-ups after he experiences how indulgent a manicure can be.

The Grand Daddy of Them All


Nothing says luxury like Loro Piana. A baby goat’s cashmere robe in inky indigo, $5,025, will render him snuggle-friendly all day and all night long. The same robe comes in regular cashmere, $3,550, for those on a budget.



The last gift I gave to my father before he died was a large amethyst geode, like the one pictured above. I will never forget how he held it, and stared into its majestic labyrinth of purple crystals. A fan of nature and stones, he told me it was the favorite present of his entire life.

If you give Dad something lasting, maybe some day you will get it back. Memories are eternal.


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