What Legends are Made Of


The path to immortality is not an easy one. All the ‘greats’ in history have paid dearly for their talents. Mozart, Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and Steve Jobs…

They all had something in common: brilliance, yes, combined with an uncompromising kind of perfectionism that without a doubt made their lives more difficult.

These legends may not have always had a charmed life, but they will never be forgotten. They changed the world; each one of them changed our world and opened our minds and altered the way we see things, and do things–in a positive way, and forever–with their unyielding sensibilities and drive for perfection.

They all fought desperately, and suffered immeasurably, for a higher cause: beauty. In music, in art, in prose and in their creations, they gave their everything, and we benefitted.

They weren’t always loved during their existence on this planet, but they became history.

Stay tuned to Beauty Shall Save the World for my anecdotes, musings, and a funny story about the time I met the incontrovertible legend, Steve Jobs.

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