An Apple iPad for Valentine’s? Yes! Yes!


Dior, Gucci, Cartier…Apple? There’s nothing romantic about technology. Romantic, no. Sexy, yes. And Apple products never fail to excite us. The sheer genius of the UI, their ease of navigation, the charismatic industrial design and unmatched capability, make any Apple gift a delight to receive.

If you want to give your Valentine a sexy gift, and trust us on this one, give them an iPad.

It’s our current obsession and the best gift going for any grown-up. It’s also the most genuine loving gift for teens and kids, the precise sentiment of Valentine’s Day.

Rather than buying your daughter a piece of ‘special’ jewelry, or your mom a bottle of perfume, or your love a little lingerie, why not splurge if you can, and spoil them with a mind-expanding, life-changing, and sure to be historical tool?

The iPad makes fashion and cosmetics seem almost superficial…which, everyone knows, they most definitely are not!

There are fashion and beauty apps galore out there, but how does a Silicon Valley Bigwig use his iPad? We asked, and Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote, actually answered!

phlibin-and-evernote.jpg“I use my iPad a lot. Of course, I use Evernote on it all the time to take notes in meetings and search my clipped recipes when cooking. The iPad is also the world’s most perfect airplane gadget; on an 11-hour flight to Japan recently, I used it to read a book, play some games, listen to music, practice Katakana and catch up on past episodes of Top Gear. The form factor is small enough to use even in the most cramped economy seat, the screen is big enough to give a beautiful experience, and the batteries last through constant use all the way across the Pacific and still have enough charge left to show directions to the cab driver and respond to the mountain of email which came in during the flight.”

Evernote is a great way to remember everything–a place to capture all your personal, professional and family memories and keep them close at hand on all of your computers, tables and mobile devices.”

“One of the things I use Evernote for is to keep a universal wish-list: Every time I see something that I may want to buy for myself or as a gift, I instantly pop it into Evernote by either making a web clip from an Internet site, snapping a picture of a physical item in a store window or recording a quick audio reminder to myself. Then, whenever a holiday like Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me, I just browse through everything tagged ‘want’ in my Evernote and quickly pick out the best present.”

“This year,” Libin said, “I’m taking (my wife) Sharmila to a special Valentine’s Day Kaiseki dinner at Kaygetsu. I was lucky to snag the last reservation about a month ago. It was the most planning-ahead that I’ve ever done!”

Lucky girl, sounds exotic.

But it has all of us speculating: What will Steve Jobs be giving his wife for Valentine’s Day this year?

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