Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot Hot Hot: Swimsuits That Make Temperatures Rise


Meet the Monokini

Half maillot, half bikini, the monokini is actually a one-piece swimsuit with sexy cutouts. The monokini is making quite a splash this summer, as seen on Kim Kardashian and model Adriana Lima, above. I love Kim’s choice made by Zeugari, and the way Adriana covers hers with a diaphanous sarong made from just a sliver of silk.


The great thing about the monokini is that it looks super sexy on both the slim-figured, as well as the voluptuous. With jeweled accents, such as brushed gold hardware or sequined trim or beading, the modern monokini renders accessories unnecessary.


A light kaftan by Zeugari, below, is all you need and looks effortlessly chic worn over any monokini. So sit back, enjoy a margarita, and watch the temperatures rise.


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