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Lauren Moshi’s Terminally-Hip Tees, For Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Hi guys! Valentine’s Day is Tuesday and I don’t have a single thing to wear! But isn’t that kind of the point?!? Just kidding! Seriously though, full disclosure: I have a clothes crush. Yes, I’ve fallen hard for a new designer: LA’s very own Lauren Moshi, and her urban, super-cozy, terminally-hip tees! They are so slinky and sexy, but way cool at the same time! And they’re the ideal way to express yourself this Valentine’s! Or……gift them!

It all begins, Lauren tells us, with original, hand-drawn art and ends on ultra-soft fabric. But Lauren also has an ulterior motive in her motifs. In my opinion, she is crafting worthwhile messages in her too-cool-for-school renditions! You see, Lauren is heavy into peace, love and beauty, just the way I am. You simply must check out her wares because they are so unique and inspired, and they’re a great way to add a little Rock ‘n’ Roll into your wardrobe. Here is what I bought, as well as some of my other faves.

My first conquest was the crystal-embellished, McKinley Crystal Biting Lip long-sleeved thermal tee below, $150. I was floored when I received it. Just like Lauren promised, the tee is super soft and sooooooo sparkly! I just love wearing it with black latex. It also teams well with leather or even rubberized denim, as seen on the model below. Doesn’t she look straight fire? So hot! Or, simply throw this tee on casually with leggings or jeans! That’s the magic of this gorgeous tee; it adds just a touch of whimsy and shine. Dress it up post-pandemic or go hella casual. It’s up to you.

I also had to snag a kiss. I’m utterly infatuated with the Mini Kisses tee, below, that’s adorned with big, puffy, rubberized kisses all over! It’s so playful! You’ve got to see this cutie to understand just how adorable it really is, in-person. It’s almost three-dimensional and reminds me of my favorite jeans I wore as a girl in the second grade, which were embroidered with kiss marks right on the derriere pocket! There’s something irreverent and kinda child-like about this little tee, yet it’s appropriate for grown-up girls of all ages. I adore the suggestion of kisses all over; and who knows? Maybe, just maybe, your Valentine will take said hint and smother you with said affection! You will, at the very least, look worthy!

I’m really digging Lauren’s snazzy thumbhole detail around the wrist, seen below. It adds a contemporary chicness and keeps the sun off my hands in the most stylish fashion, quite literally.

And now, here are some more of my Most-Wanted Moshis! I’d love to add each and every one of them to my wardrobe. Check ’em out!

Give this piece a chance, above. Loving the glittering gold in the Shandi Foil Chain Peace shirt, with chain embellishment adorning the triceps. Can’t you just see this tee with gold metallic pants? Or black velvet leggings and a gold chain belt? Super cute!

Equally adorable is the Friendship Love tee, above, complete with “jeweled” accents around the wrists! Charmed? I’m sure! Or you could instead opt for the Crystal Peace Love Skull, below. It’s hardcore but hot!

If black is not your thing, choose from the wildly-colored offerings on Lauren’s website! You absolutely must see the Crystal Cookie Monster tee; Lauren’s entire Evil Eye Collection; her Stargazer Series; and her Bands tribute tees! She even has cool, foil heart-embossed leggings, emblematic jackets, hats, bags, dresses, and even togs for the man, or should I say, MEN, in your life! Now go forth my loyal readers, and suit up for V-Day and beyond, with your new BFF Forever, the incomparable Lauren Moshi! See you around.

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