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Gotta Have It: Vivienne Westwood’s Dark Heart Amulet for Valentine’s

Be still my beating heart of darkness. Hi guys! It’s your girl Shan! I just can’t help but mix my metaphors cuz I’m absolutely *smitten* with legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s Gadget Heart Keychain, which I prefer to call The Dark Heart Amulet. It’s so very chic and exotic, and even better yet, responsibly sourced out of genuine cypress wood. Now you can wear your heart on your keys! But you know how I see it? As a gorgeous giant neck ornament, when strung onto a black leather cord or avant garde brushed gold collar! Ideal for Valentine’s Day! Give it to your girl, or gift it to yourself! 

If you’re looking for something equally fab, may I suggest: the BRASS heart keychain in beautiful brushed gold, also by Vivienne? It’s hella cool. I’m way into brushed gold this season after witnessing Shiaparelli’s stunning new collection, and I just love the attention to detail in this romantic charm, again, perfect as a keychain or, accompanied with a chunky gold necklace, as collarbone candy!

Engraved with her iconic planetary logo and crowned with a cross, this gold heart is unmistakably Viv! It’s part rocker, part romance! Even better yet, both hearts are from Vivienne’s ‘Handmade with Love in Kenya’ collection, which helps support people in marginalized communities! Charmed? I’m sure. Don’t you just want one now?!?!

And a quick word about Vivienne for those who are unfamiliar with this artist/activist/couture fashion designer. Vivenne Westwood is all about saving the world, just like I am! Check out her online presence when you snag your presents. I am so aligned with Viv’s pleas for action against climate change and war. Let’s all hope that beauty really shall save the world, right? We love you Viv. You’re an ace……and your heart? It’s in the right place.

Well that’s it for now. Have a great VD! Time to sign off, and you know my mantra: Peace. Love. Beauty.


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