Couture Accessory Must: African Crested Porcupine Quills

Okay, okay, so maybe this is not a must for *everyone* but when I saw genuine African crested porcupine quills at the Newark Gem and Mineral Show in San Francisco Bay Area last week, I knew this was a couture moment not to be missed! Yes, real porcupine quills….I had to have them. Five of them, to be precise. At only five dollars per quill, it was an avant-garde couture necessity for this fashionista. And whatever for, you might ask? Just gaze at the model above, who uses the quills to puncture her hair in the most curious and creative way, why that’s what for! How cool is that?!?

And although I am not heavily pierced, the quills can be used as a piercing, shown above, or as a hat pin, or for merely decorative purposes. I got mine through Eidos, a San Rafael, California gem and mineral dealer. Co-owner Marcia Wisniewski tells me that the quills, which are hollow and made out of keratin (the same thing hair and nails are composed of on humans), are shed naturally by the porcupine so it causes no disturbance to the animal.

But be forewarned, the quills are incredibly needle-like sharp, so hugging others while you’re wearing your elaborate updo might be prohibitive. This should keep people at a distance. What a relief. Jajajaja!

Order your African crested porcupine quills through Eidos by calling 415.457.7503.


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