The 2015 Met Gala…..One Word…..RIHANNA

Rihanna 10

The stars shone so beautifully bright last evening at the 2015 annual Met Gala. This year’s theme celebrated the museum’s Costume Institute exhibition, “China: Through the Looking Glass.” And the stars did indeed twinkle, all with glistening lips and even shinier hair, sparkling jewels and brilliantly beaded gowns…but the North star of the night was indisputable. One word…..RIHANNA.

Actually, make that three words: Rihanna & Guo Pei.

Guo Pei is the brilliant Bejing-based female fashion designer, age 45, behind the opulent sunflower yellow confection worn by Rihanna, which easily renders one speechless when beholding its honeyed grandeur.

Rihanna 14

Yards upon yards of heavy golden silk satin, decadently embroidered and edged in matching fur, the gown is, quite easily, one of the most stunning visions we have seen on the Red Carpet in years, and I stand behind that statement. But such a breathtaking creation is really neither rare nor remarkable in the world of Guo Pei, whose art via couture routinely astonishes.

Rihanna 7

With this gown, worn with a gilded stiletto manicure and a lamé headpiece, Rihanna has redefined elegance and set a new standard for drama in the entertainment industry.

Rihanna 15

Now, for more fabulous designs by Chinese couture sensation, Guo Pei…..

Cerise gown with train

Guo Pei’s distinctive, characteristic opulence almost always includes heavy embroidery, gems and beading, and of course the most luxe fabrics in brilliant jewel tones. Elaborate headdresses, haute couture hair and dramatic makeup are a foregone conclusion.

Asian marie antoinette

This beautiful gilded display is Guo Pei’s interpretation of a modern-day Marie Antoinette, married with the precocious designer’s Asian sensibilities, yielding an ensemble reserved for royalty.

Face jewelry

Facial jewelry is one of my favorite emerging trends…..but Guo Pei has been embellishing the visage with jewelry for many years, as seen in this striking example from Hong Kong Fashion Week in 2010.

Facial jewelry

Here, the jewelry encompasses a large territory, and extends up into an exotic headdress which intrigues.

Funnel dressing

These designs, from the Hong Kong Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2010 Show, remind us of the visionary that is Guo Pei.

Greeen and purple cone gown

Rich, playful color combinations, breathtakingly unique silhouettes and lavish details are three Guo Pei trademarks. I adore the rose gold filigree hair fixture and delicate hand jewelry. This striking display is further enhanced with decadent beading, and painstakingly embroidered for a most regal yet avant garde end product.

Mint and gold cone gown

Just look at the ornate, gold-encrusted pistachio pantsuit above, with cone-shaped pleating.

Mint and gold side view

I’ve never seen anything remotely like this. Absolutely riveting.

Mint and gold back shot

The back is a study in texture, shape and color.

Red fringed gown

Weighted with long, thick fringed tassels, the billowing arms of this red-hot Chinese gown are further embellished with heavy golden embroidery. A geisha-esque headdress with red and gold beading heightens the drama.

Silver and white empress

This empress gown and matching cape must weigh a ton! Just look at the beautiful heavy workmanship, all of which is painstakingly hand-applied on a Guo Pei couture gown.

Tangerine gilded dress

An abbreviated tangerine hemline is awash in gold jewelry.

Tangerine gilded gown

The model is drenched in ornate gems and facial jewelry is, once again, of primary focus.

Wheat gown

This wheat-colored gown defies description.

White gown

I simply love Guo Pei’s use of mixed materials in this pure white wonder, complete with fur-lined, floor-length kimono sleeves and beading galore. Stunning!

Black cherry gown

Drama runs high in a black cherry gown with a huge, elaborate headdress that is absolutely undefinable.

Turquoise and white gown

Guo Pei plays with proportions in this epic gown, which is crimped at the waistline….

Princess gown

…..for an unusual aesthetic result.

Very long train

A massive train leaves spectators in awe of its regal splendor.

Pink and gold gown

I adore the concept of this ensemble, and its execution is flawless. Satin rosettes in cerise, hot pink and red compose the shell of this arresting gown. A coordinating robe is worn on top. The gilded headdress is the final, exalted couture element. Ravishing!

And now we have seen China, through the eyes of Miss Guo Pei.


  • Stephanie Harris

    How did I miss all of this. I must go back through the Facebook page so I can see the details. You definitely need a magazine.

  • antonio reina oliva

    Hola Shannon, encantado de haberla conocido y haber visto su trabajo que es maravilloso, usted ya sabe que soy peluquero y maquillador, por lo tanto admiro mucho todo lo que ha hecho en nuestro mundo profesional. La voy a seguir porque merece usted todo mi respeto, son unas fotos y unos trabajos excepcionales, fuera de serie, tiene mucha suerte de tener también una hermana que la apoya mucho, eso es muy bonito y de agradecer. No quiero ser pesado, pero con su arte está consiguiendo que yo salga de un pequeño bache emocional,eternamente agradecido Shannon, I love forever, thank yo.

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