FSHN, A Fab Fashion Magazine, Brings Haute Couture to San Francisco


Hi guys…..Well, I just had the most fabulous time at an haute couture runway show in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel last night, and it was such a treat to watch the gorgeous models strut the runway in the breathtaking fall/winter 2014-2015 collections of Parisian haute couture designers Franck Sorbier and On Aura Tout Vu, as well as American designer Mimi Tran, all underscored with a lively performance that was sung entirely en Français by a hot Frenchman. The event was put together by FSHN Magazine, namely publisher Elisabeth Thieriot, founder of Replete Skin Care. Replete is a luxe line of skin care products that the striking French beauty Thieriot swears by for her glowing visage.

Shankha and model

Along with FSHN editor-in-chief, Shankha Goswami, pictured above left, and fashion editor, Ylevol Tam Nguyen, center, the FSHN team delivered the goods in a two-hour fashion show that left me wanting more. Peter Lago, COO of Lions Gate Corporation, managed the total production of this event including being the technical and design director for the show.

I can only imagine how difficult, and expensive, it was coordinating this event–(I heard through the grapevine that the grand total for the damage was a cool half million!)–which featured the Paris fashion designers, who were flown into SF from Paris; as well as dozens of models; a $70,000 lighting fee for the catwalk; and no doubt other endless preparations and expenses.

It was an enchanted evening, and I left with a copy of FSHN Mag and “Be Fabulous at Any Age,” a book written for ageless living from the ageless publisher herself, Thieriot.

I had a blast and met some interesting people, such as Pearl Dworkin from Glamologie. Like me, she’s a licensed aesthetician with a penchant for publishing…..publishing beauty secrets, to be precise. Give her blog a whirl!

But the real treat came when I was reviewing FSHN Magazine at home. I sincerely love this publication! Fashion editor Tam Nguyen and her staff clearly know where it’s at in fashion and beauty. FSHN is a great, informative resource for beauty aficionados and fashion fiends, and it’s published right here in San Francisco. The photos are TDF!

2014 10 26 17 21 37

And they write about meaningful trends such as ‘The Headwear Craze,’ for example, which reports on fascinating fascinators, hats and other headpieces. It’s a great little article by Katarzyna Tarabula and includes shopping resources so you can actually buy the haute headwear that’s featured in the article. Must read.

Then there’s ‘7 Designers to Watch’–a runway report from Milan Fashion Week. I love ‘Top 10 Haute Couture Dresses’ which features a few of my favorite and lesser-known designers, like Stephane Rolland and Dice Kayek. Page after page of behind-the-scenes accounts at fashion shows, you will find, with the latest news…


…as well as a spread titled ‘Haute Couture Makeup Trends,’ which chronicles the most striking looks from Versace, Dior and Chanel.

Halloween Backdrops for photography UK

There’s a whole editorial called ‘Beautiful Warrior,’ which features a sexy spread of one of my favorite emerging trends, and you’ve heard me talk about it: facial jewelry!!! It’s page after page of stunning photos by the talented photographer Paul Kim…so avant garde and edgy, I can hardly stand it!

You’ll find a Q and A with celebrity hairstylist Charlie Le Mindu, who defines himself somewhere between a couturier and a coiffeur; a great story on the best resources for online fashion consignment (Loved! Thank you, Gabrielle Manchester!) and countless more fun reads in a glossy mag that you can tote with you. Total Eye Candy!!!

FSHN, btw, stands for: Fashionable. Sexy. Haute. Naughty.

Naughty? Huh, a little weird… But aren’t we all! To subscribe, click here. Au revoir.

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