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Wedding Attire for Rebel Brides: 8 Iconic Looks

We are gathered here today to celebrate a love of the most unique and the most iconic in bridal attire. Check out these outstanding options for the nuptial-bound, photographed by Anthony Maule for V Magazine.

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Stylist Patti Wilson ups the ante on the avant-garde by combining an utterly unique headdress and bold, chunky pearls with fingerless gloves…for a look that makes being an accessory to matrimony utterly divine!

Bride 2

A Victorian ruff round the neck is the only thing that’s classic about this wedding ensemble. A white and pale grey houndstooth checked micro-kilt, patterned stockings and pig-tail braids speak of schoolgirl.

Bride 3

Tons of tulle and layers of lace are the dramatic backdrop for this bridal look. Love the stockings and the unconventional veil.

Bride 4

Here comes the bride in a lace pantsuit, bound at the waist with a satin sash. Gorgeous!

Bride 5

This ivory laser-cut lace gown is utterly beguiling!

Bride 6

A plunging neckline and complicated mix of crocheted textures reveal a rebel bridal gown if ever there was one. Roses round the neck and delicate flowers framing the face complete the look.

Bride 7

Makeup artist Frankie Boyd adheres silver gems with lash glue beneath the eyes for the unconventional bride. Worn with a lace capelet, the look is undeniably unique.

Bride 8

This blushing bride is beyond beautiful wearing an asymmetrical veil and lace smock with bell sleeves.

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