Military Intelligence: There’s No Camouflaging This Smart Fashion Trend

In honor of Veterans Day I would like to dedicate this story to all the patriots and heroes who defend and preserve our freedoms, but especially to my dear friend, Tamra Pierce. Both Tamra’s husband, Kit, and son, Trevor are proud to be called Marines, and Trevor actually served our country when he fought in Afghanistan.

I can imagine Tam’s pride and elation when her son returned home safe and sound. As it also happens, Tamra is a bit of a fashionista with a penchant for Prada. We are both loving the military influence that is permeating fashion right now. I know unequivocally that both she–and you–will fall in love with the beautiful clothes and accessories presented in this article. FYI, this trend is H-O-T so get to shopping ASAP!

Feeling a Draft?


I love the military cut and waxed finish of this olive coat, which looks anything but drab. Wear it with dark or distressed denim, cargo pants, or chocolate leather leggings! You’ll be prepared for any eventuality! It’s rugged-chic at its best.


Above is another cold-weather cutie. I adore the complex mix of earth tones. Cross-body bag? Check. Scrunchy fingerless gloves? Check. Opaque tights and ankle boots? Check. This outfit is a magnificent way to go military!


I love skinny cargos with an ankle-zip detail. Every girl needs a pair of camo cargos–they look great in the summertime with flat sandals and a lace top, plus you can pair them with boots and a poncho in the winter. Dress them up with a towering heel, as seen above. Sexy.

I am positively infatuated with this fabulous prom/wedding dress, crafted from 37 army jackets, by Gary Harvey. It’s from Gary’s Eco-Couture collection. This is recycled fashion at its finest!


Strapless and form-fitting, the gown has a dramatic fishtail bottom, making militant more than mesmerizing! I pledge allegiance to this show-stopping dress!!! This gorgeous gown is army reserved for only the free and the brave. What a vixen. I would love to see it accessorized with a black leather choker…or…a plentiful tangle of pearls! Yes, go for the unexpected! The dichotomy is far more fascinating!

Military hats will be hot for summer as this trend transcends climate changes. Look for shorts, miniskirts, and of course, purses…like this pretty Prada, $2,100, from Saks Fifth Avenue, below.


But the greatest thing about the military trend is its affordability. You do not have to spend a fortune to add a little army into your repertoire. Check out surplus stores and vintage shops for unique finds.


A cool tip for the hottest hands: Look for black, gunmetal, or olive nail polish–like Butter of London’s Military Green, above, to complete the look. It’s a military manicure.

Peace. Love. Beauty.

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