A Lingerie Test Drive: Crème Bralée Intimates

I recently wrote an article on Crème Bralée lingerie by QT Intimates after my friend, Luis Paredes, turned me on to the brand. Luis publishes a website that’s invaluable for those in the business of fine lingerie. It’s called The Lingerie Journal, and because Luis is so plugged-in to the scene, he’s an authority on excellence in the field.

It really can be hard to find gorgeous bras with an impeccable fit in larger sizes, especially at a good price. Ordinarily a quality bra in my size would cost between $70-$200+ depending on the brand and its workmanship. But the good people at QT Intimates sent me their stunning Colette bra, $34, and answered all my prayers.


The fit is spot-on; the support is all there; and the comfort is perfection. Designed by Liz Marrell, above, of QT Intimates, this bra, which was a year in the making, is a hidden gem! The price is Playtex, but the look is La Perla! Liz cites as her influences the corsetry of Jean Paul Gaultier and the tailoring of Alexander McQueen, and it shows.

Winter Formal Dresses

I cannot begin to explain what an incredible deal this is. Like I said, a bra of comparable quality would easily cost double this price. It’s an absolute beauty in dusty purple with gorgeous embroidered lace and a large crystal pendant in the center! It really looks like a high-end European brand. The attention to detail is rare and something you just cannot get in an American brand…until now.

Brautkleider, Brautjungfernkleider, Ballkleider, Brautmutterkleider

The matching boyshort panty, above, is only $18.50, and it comes with the same spectacular embroidery as the bra!

I am usually reluctant to purchase lingerie via the internet, but this Crème Bralée bra is incredibly constructed and true to size. Awesome! Liz really focused on the fit, and this bra stands up against the best names in lingerie, and at an unbeatable price.

I recommend getting sized at a high-end boutique by a knowledgeable fitter, and then ordering your Crème Bralée bra on QT’s website. This price makes it easy to have more than one, and although the Colette bra only comes in this deep lovely lavender, I have heard through the grapevine that the set is also being fashioned in a rich plum! Can crimson be far behind? We would also love to see a matching thong and garter belt for this set…QT, are you listening? Please, Liz, get right on it!

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