Drop It Like It’s Hot: The Return of the Drop Earring


Drop earrings, like the Oscar de la Renta double drop clips, $265, shown above and below, are hot for fall 2012. In saturated stained-glass hues such as cranberry and rich plum, or simply crafted in brushed or hammered metals, they add drama to any ensemble, especially when paired with fall’s essential lace blouse.



I love Herve Van Der Straeten’s 24-karat gold-plated drops, $510, below left, which are reminiscent of Japanese origami, as well as Oscar de la Renta’s crystal drop earrings, $420, above and below right.


The great thing about the new generation of drop earring is that there is such a variety offered in clip-ons, like all the earrings pictured here…good news for girls who don’t want to stretch out their ears with heavy jewels…


…and also good news for girls who love vintage. The Christian Lacroix enamel and crystal hinged drop clip-on-earrings above are vintage and they come from my personal collection, proof that good taste is timeless.


Above are more drop earrings in a chandelier style, both in gorgeous emerald green, from Neiman Marcus in Palo Alto, California.

The drop earring is back in fashion, perfect for fall and the holidays. Wear them and enjoy.

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