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Most Wanted: Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses


A Quick Shout-Out To A Real OG

It’s always nice having admirers (thank you very much) and of course Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses have certainly secured a prominent fan base of which they should be proud. The clearly-coveted and totally talked-about OG has been spotted on faces, famous and fashionable, far and wide.


For A Captive, Royal Audience

Oliver Goldsmith played Prince Charming for Celebrity Royalty like Audrey Hepburn, top, The Rolling Stones, above, Michael Caine, Sophia Loren and Lady Gaga, to name a few. In addition they have catered to Fashion Royalty like the late great Mr. McQueen, not to mention Real Royalty like actress/princess Grace Kelly, a.k.a. Princess Grace of Monaco.

That’s right, OG shades are where it’s at. They are the commanding Pied Piper of Hollywood and its greater surrounding areas. When this leader in optical illusion strikes a pose, even skeptical famous faces are bound to follow.


Retro Specs

With summer upon us I’m getting totally passionate about three characters that have resurfaced from almost 50 years ago. They are Audrey, circa 1963; Uuksuu, circa 1964; and KoKo, circa 1966 and they’re all available at Barneys New York. I love each one of them so much for very different reasons.


The Icon

Audrey, $380, in beguiling black, is top on my summer shopping list. Named after the stunning yet delicate Ms. Hepburn herself, these OG’s will get you noticed. Believe me, you will definitely be identified at the scene in these striking statement-makers.

The Audrey makes flirting quite dangerous for its recipient, even if you are hiding those sexy eyes from the rest of the world behind such a supremely smooth structure.

You can pull everything together simply and effortlessly at the last minute with a pair of Audreys. All you need is a ponytail with these OG’s and you’re good to go for almost anything.


The Rebel

Uuksuu, also $380, is another magical pair that redefines making a spectacle of yourself. They’re outright odd with a cunning cut and claret color that I adore. So unbelievably chic. Must have. When looking through these quirky Rose-Coloured Glasses I am confident I’ll be seeing Strawberry Fields Forever.


The Classic

KoKo, $430, in rich gorgeous tortoise, goes with anything. It will always have the right of way in every given scenario because it’s a class-act. I dare you–no, I double dare you–to wear these rims anywhere at all. I’m positive they would be equally appropriate worn on a yacht in Monte Carlo as they would if you attended a simple summer wedding or spent a day running errands, if you’re not lucky enough to have a personal assistant. These are necessary accessories.

Four Eyes


You’re not seeing double quite yet. Just between you and me, OG’s are for our eyes only and they are downright dope. Now I’m going to tell you why. A defining cultural icon since 1926, real OG’s feature impeccable craftsmanship, and epitomize luxury and style. Cheap rims are okay for a brief fling and they may serve a temporary purpose, but they won’t last and usually aren’t equipped with proper UV protection.

Lasting Beauty


Poorly-constructed glasses never really look that sharp, even in the beginning, plus they often won’t sit right on your face, and of course they will quickly deteriorate. If you can afford it, you’ll appreciate quality frames. You might have to pay the price for their endurance, stamina and longevity, but few good things in life are cheap.

For Your Man


OG’s are a worthwhile investment for the man in your life, making a truly timeless gift if you’ve got the dough. Julia, owner of the L.A. boutique Gogosha Optique opts for a pair of OG Paw Paws for her husband Kjeld, above.

In this case you’ll get what he deserves. Your OG sunglasses will stand the test of time. In fact, they’ll probably last as long as he does, because quite simply, they are down for life.

Child’s Play


Have you ever seen such a fly little pair like this? I’m not kidding when I say these specs will look precious perched on the bridge of your baby’s nose, making a most memorable first or last impression for children ages 4-14, from the Mini Icon Collection. Render your kid’s mug unforgettable with itty bitty shades. Despite their tantrums they are adorable, even more so in a cool pair of OG’s.

Fear and Clothing

You may be completely clueless about what’s going on around you in the world these days, but at least you’ll look fabulous wearing a chic pair of shades by Oliver Goldsmith. They are the ideal accessory for reflecting on the good times.

Mob in style with your homies, like my main man Al Pacino from Scarface, or dress up like Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I love this song, by Deep Blue Something. Check it out.


If the cops come around asking questions, make sure you’re wearing the geometric Fuz, above, $430, from the Icon series.

Remember to keep your mouth shut and your eyes wide open so you can take it all in behind a slick pair of old-school shades courtesy of Oliver Goldsmith.

Your pupils may dilate, but don’t worry; there’ll be no damage done because your prized OG’s provide full protection from harmful UV rays and are sure to cut even the most blinding glare. This is one instance where being shady is very beneficial.

You can look pimp or pinup or princess, or all of the above, depending on your attire. Remember, it’s entirely your decision because you are the one calling the shots.

Oliver Goldsmith has put in some serious work designing specs for every conceivable strain of good taste. A real OG’s ulterior motive is to make you look good. In this world, that’s a refreshing change of pace. I’m jus sayin tho.

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