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A timeless print with an antiquated name, polka dots are entering fashion again, and in a big way. They can look fun, quirky and casual, or drop-dead sexy in any season.

Chic and playfully retro, there’s something so innocent about them, but unabashedly glam at the same time. The dichotomy is disarming and offers visual interest and complexity to any occasion, from the beach to the ballroom. I just love them on formal gowns.


The couture world is resplendent with spots, but this is just a collection of what we deem the most profound in perforations.

The great thing about dots is that they’re universal, flattering on everyone, and limited only by your own creative imagination.

You can choose one bold piece, or mix patterns for a different effect, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money doing it. It’s a great way to stay looking fresh and current without breaking the bank.


In standard black and white or whimsical pastels or brights, or even in earthy tones, you can add graphic detail with a few judicious accessories. I love what Marc Jacobs is doing with the simple circle in his collection, especially his patent leather gloves and matching scarf set, pictured above, and his bold Hot Dot iPhone case, pictured below. You can find them at


The Jennifer Ouellette headband looks as if it was made to go with it. Isn’t the combo just darling? Dots are hot in lingerie and patterned legwear, too. Check out these fab accessories for your gams at


Knitters can find designs in all the mags, making dotted scarf-and-glove sets a great Christmas project for the crafty giver.


We predict you will be seeing spots for seasons to come, and in countless incarnations. Perhaps there’s a pattern developing here…

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