Jo Malone: Talk of Tuberose? Mums the Word


My inside source at Jo Malone tells me that Jo Malone may be bringing back the intoxicating Tuberose!

There could be no greater satisfaction for Malone fans, especially floral-lovers such as myself, than for this rumor to be true.

The Tuberose scent may be available in the Cologne Intense Collection as early as this summer according to my source, although others are speculating it won’t be available until the fall of 2011 as a limited edition at one exclusive location only, and yet others are saying it won’t be coming back at all!

We have no idea what to expect after talking to six different sources, who all have different stories. Hot gossip indeed!

Unlike most flowers, the tuberose continues to produce scent even after being harvested, making it one of the strongest of all the florals. Its sweet power can be experienced in the Robert Piguet classic fragrance Fracas, launched in 1948, created by French perfumer Germaine Cellier.

tuberose-candle.jpgThe famous Diptyque candle in Tuberose is a wonderful way to experience the deliciously strong scent in your home. Even unlit, the candle’s intoxicating odor telepathically transports you to a fragrant otherworld.

We can only hope that Malone will reconsider the retirement of such a classic fragrance. Yummy is not exactly a textbook term for fine perfumes; however, it is the perfect word to describe tuberose.

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