Punctuate with Pearls

3704C840-9E31-408D-98B4-C73741AD5F31.jpgWe predicted pearls would be a hot trend for fall, but now designers are upping the ante on avante-garde as they fashion the timeless pearl.

We love Vera Wang’s multi-strand pearl necklace, $895 at, and multi-strand cuff bracelet, $450, which are oddly elegant despite or rather because the pair look like a giant mess of tangled pearls retrieved from a dusty old jewelry box. Contrarily, the result is striking.

Modern, sexy and hip, the bib of baubles can be worn any season and in countless ways, with or without the matching cuff. Dress it up, or wear it simply with a cashmere sweater and skinny jeans. The pearls-with-denim look is so current and is a continuation of the modern theme of casual luxury.

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